Raymond Jiang, CEO, Asmanis Fashion

Raymond Jiang, founder and CEO of Asmanis Fashion, is a native of Guangdong Province in southern China. In the mid-80s, being an energetic young man and with a strong desire to venture into the fashion business, Jiang had the chance to study in The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York (FIT). Majored in fashion design and graduated with outstanding performance, Jiang founded his first fashion production centre in New York. The centre had fulfilled Jiang's idea of ‘one-stop' service in the fashion industry. Under the auspicious leadership of Jiang, fashion designers could turn ideas into reality in a more efficient and effective manner. Within a few years, Jiang moved on to start three more centers in other US cities. With special emphasis on international design trend, selection of the finest material and craftsmanship, Jiang is able to provide his customers with the best quality available in the market. The ‘one-stop' fashion design and production service had paved the way for Raymond's new venture in China's fashion scene.
With the modernization and economic growth of China in the last two decades, Jiang seized the opportunity and in 1999 he returned to China to start his fashion business. At the time, Jiang had been working closely with well known American fashion designer and distributor ‘IT Jeans'. With Jiang's co-operation, IT Jeans had become a famous brand in fashion on the world stage.
From the year 2000 onward Jiang had successfully secured many large orders. The company had attracted many buyers from Europe and North America who were looking for quality and reliable partners. Jiang has designed a comprehensive range of jeans which are very successful in the market. Jiang processes experience and expertise in fashion design and manufacturing skill. Working competently with reputable fashion designers from Europe and North America had further enriched his perspective in the international fashion scene.